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It is not too late, you can still find plenty of properties. The choice is fantastic. It doesn't matter, if you like a beach, city or mountains. You can find land to build your dream home under 50,000 Euros. You can find old apartments, new apartments, bank owned apartments, older homes, that need renovations, under 100,000 Euros. You can find new homes and new apartments starting from 190,000 Euros. You can find casas de campo, villas, "Casale", "Casa di paese", "Azienda agricola", castles, palaces, or small hotels from 400,000 Euros. On the other side you can find luxury properties with amazing views for millions of Euros. The variety of properties in Italy is really amazing.  

Maybe you are dreaming to own a small new apartment with a see views, or a traditional apartment or townhouse in a small village close to the beach that you can reform, maybe is your dream to own a small home in the mountains, or you prefer a unique property that you would like to convert into a small hotel or some traditional building with various apartments in the village, or you are looking for a  luxury villa with city and see views in the mountains. It really doesn't matter. Just let us know what budget you have or what style of property you are looking for. We will find it ideal property for you.

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